Conference adds up to the career, opportunities and experience of an individual. At ITRDA, we arrange a gamut of international and national conferences throughout the year. Malaysia, Bangkok, Thailand, India etc are the few places where we have arranged international conference up until now. These conferences provide a platform to the students of graduate and post-graduate programs and even the teachers, researchers and professionals to present their work in person.

It provides an international experience and exposure. These conferences help in boosting up the level of confidence. The individual can utilise this opportunity to its maximum potential and the success is bound to follow him. Such a great experience and exposure makes you aware of the current need and scenario of the world. Based on this knowledge one can enhance his/her skills to become adept in his/her field.

We have conducted 41 international and national conferences from 2014 to 2016. The best papers among all those are being presented get an opportunity to be published on our site. We have more than 50 members in our editorial panel who decide for the best presentations. In order to ensure the unbiased results, there are various filters at the different level of the screening of the paper. Each of the presented paper undergoes these screening and filters before getting published.

The unbiased screening of the paper and the editorial panel that comprises of one of the doctors, engineers, researchers etc result in the publication of deserving papers. This, in turn, ensures that the hard work that individuals put is paid off.

Conference By Topic

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PM Summon to Public

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